1. Trove Glossary

Trove Glossary

As you’re getting started with Trove, there are some words that are helpful to know.
These words show up in Trove and around the Help Center.

AI Artificial Intelligence. Uses machine learning based on your email history to know which emails and contacts are important as new emails are received
Multiswipe Feature that allows you to archive or trash multiple unimportant emails in one motion
Mutual Connections Mutual people you and a given contact have both interacted with in your email history
Connection Strength Shows the strength of your connection to that person based off email history, responsiveness and response times
Smart Notifications Smart notifications let you change your notification settings so you are only notified when a new important email comes in.
Nudge Creates a new email from tracked requests in Radar that were made by you
Focus Feature that highlights important emails. Can manually change the importance level which helps the AI learn over time
Track Feature that lets you manually add emails to your Radar
Radar Section of the app where important questions and action items are tracked
People Section of the app where contacts and relationship history are displayed
Origins The history behind your email relationships
Responsiveness A metric quantifying how quickly you respond to emails, based on historical data.
Insights An email signature that shows recipients both response rates and response times as judged by Trove
Learning The period of time when first signing in to Trove where the AI is learning about what emails are likely to be important to you based on your email history.
Threads Central view so you can see every message in a group of emails between people with the same subject.
Snooze Allows you to set additional reminders on an email so it will come back when you’re ready to deal with it
Email Importance The way our AI determines what is important to you and what isn’t. Decides whether a contact is important and whether to highlight their emails so you can find them easily. Importance level can be changed via the Focus toggle.