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Create a Post

The Trove network is full of people who truly want to help you – create a post to broadcast a need to your entire network.

Getting Started

  • Tap the news feed icon (to the right of the Home tab)
  • To create a post, tap the pen icon on the home tab
  • Choose a topic that matches your need
  • Write a post
  • Posts are Public by default.  To post to only your network, tap Public and select My connections
  • Post (iOS) or the airplane icon (Android)

Types of Posts


Example Post: “I need a great Engineer. Can someone make a recommendation?”

Referral Request

Example Post: “I’m looking for the best accountant in town. Can someone refer me?”

Job Hunting

Example Post: “I’m seeking a new job in the tech industry. Anyone need an experienced front-end developer?”


Example Post: “I know an amazing Android developer looking for their next thing.  Who needs someone great?”


Example Post: “Who makes the best burger in Ann Arbor?”

Updated on April 19, 2019

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