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Create a Post

Your Trove network is full of people who truly want to help you so create a post to broadcast a need to your entire network.

Getting Started

  • To create a post, tap the + icon on the home tab.
  • Choose a topic that matches your need
  • Write a post
  • Tap Post (iOS) or tap the airplane icon (Android)
  • Select if you want to post only to your network or to all Trove users in your area

Types of Posts

I need to hire someone…

How many times have you reached out to friends and trusted colleagues to see if they can refer someone for an open position?  Now you can post your open position to your network so they can send you over their recommendations.

Example Post: “I need a great Engineer. Can someone make a recommendation?”

I need a referral…

Asking for a referral has never been easier with Trove.

Example Post: “I’m looking for the best accountant in town. Can someone refer me?”

I’m looking for a job…

Use the power of your network and the Trove network to help you find your next opportunity.

Example Post: “I’m seeking a new job in the tech industry. Anyone need an experienced front-end developer?”

Updated on December 4, 2018

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