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Trove for Amazon Alexa

See it in Action

Access all your important emails and relationships, hands-free, with the Trove skill for Alexa.

Download the Trove skill

  • Navigate to the Trove page in the Alexa Skill Store.
  • Tap the Enable button.
  • Link your first account.

Trove for Alexa

Start with the following command to access Trove:

Alexa, open Trove.

Ask the Trove skill any of the following:

  • Who have I recently met?
  • What is new?
  • What is unread?
  • What is waiting?
  • What is important?
  • To email (person’s name), (email message).
  • To clean my inbox
  • What is my name?

Respond to confirmation prompts from the skill with Yes or No.


Set a pin code to protect your inbox

Say “Alexa, ask Trove to set pin _ _ _ _” to lock your Trove account.

Going forward, Trove will ask for your pin code to open your mailbox on Amazon Alexa.

Updated on March 20, 2018

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